Hospitality Management Corporation


Hospitality Management Corporation’s philosophy is we’re hands-on. We believe in a caring and innovative approach to produce the highest operating margins across the industry. Today, organizations are required to achieve greater results with fewer resources and HMC does that, consistently ranking in the top tiers of our respective brands in guest service and quality. We have been recognized with numerous industry and franchise awards acknowledging our superior guest service and we have the financial results to prove it. HMC encompasses every important facet of ensuring your lasting success including crucial day-to-day operations, sales and marketing, human resources and financial oversight. Our objective is the pursuit of a shared company vision and to align the needs of owners and management for the greatest possible results.

More than that, our strongest asset is our people. We seek team members who have a passion for serving hospitably with integrity. We invest in their growth and reward success. Because of this philosophy, we have produced long term team members who operate in margins far exceeding the national brand averages.


How We Do It

Our first goal is to know your property inside and out, not only the physical facilities, but to establish internal controls and safeguards across all your operations to maximize profit. We actively participate on site and work closely with existing personnel to create a focused business plan, cost-cutting strategies, revenue driving tactics and create the changes necessary to streamline processes for the highest financial reward. Because we are in constant communication, we’re poised to respond and adapt more quickly to market changes, guest requirements and any issues that may arise.



How we assist:

  • By utilizing proprietary and industry standard tools and metrics, we build a competitive business plan including a complete financial overview of performance, review of standards, staffing requirements, facilities oversight and all other elements of day-to-day operations.
  • We manage assets by evaluating each property individually to determine their unique value proposition and to ensure that local sales staff are positioned for success.
  • Create cost savings across every possible asset i.e. national purchasing agreements, energy and preventative maintenance programs, health care costs, etc.
  • Provide ongoing employee training/educational programs to maximize productivity while still maintaining top-level guest services and revenue benchmarks.
  • Oversee and maintain successful franchise relationships and brand compliance.