Hospitality Management Corporation


At HMC, we pride ourselves on the vast experience we’ve garnered from our consulting properties. Whether its acquisition & joint venture formation or development services, underwriting, negotiation or brand selection, we offer our clients in-depth industry knowledge and know-how in all areas of hotel/resort management. With over 20 years of ongoing service in the hospitality genre, HMC has continuously had successful interactions with investors, acquisition teams and lenders to achieve the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. From operational assistance to restaurant management to financial structure, we have every asset available to take a property in need of transition or to oversee a property running smoothly to maximize the true value of your investment is returned.


How HMC Can Assist:

  • Analysis of investment opportunities and investor relations.
  • Accounting, payroll services, financial statement analysis, forecasting and budgeting.
  • Project development, lending, leasing, and construction.
  • Remodeling and construction coordination from project review to over-sight management, including design, purchasing and installation.
  • Pre-opening management elements including permits/licensing, FF&E installation, punch lists, staffing/training and marketing.
  • Quality assurance programs and independent evaluation.
  • Yield management to maximize revenues from an hourly to seasonal basis.
  • Human resource programs such as task training, position description, employee guides, wage and benefit reviews.
  • Anonymous audits of service and management standards.
  • Impact studies to determine from a third-party standpoint the effect of new hotel development, as well as marketing and personnel studies to expose primary and secondary markets.
  • Litigation support with expert witness testimony.