Hospitality Management Corporation

Who We Are          

Founded and based in Dallas, Texas, Hospitality Management Corporation (HMC) is a privately held provider of management solutions and hospitality industry services, each customized to fit our clients’ unique needs.  As a company, our executive team combined has over 200 years of experience in directing and overseeing the operation of hotels ranging from and including luxury assets, full-service hotels, limited service properties, extended stay products, independent hotels and resort conference centers.  This innovative approach and our core philosophy of becoming personally involved in every asset partnership has resulted in HMC consistently being ranked among the top independent managers by leading industry publications like Hotel Management Magazine and Hotel Business Magazine. In addition, each of our HMC executives has over 25 years of hospitality-specific expertise operating franchised and independent properties.  This, combined with our finance, operational, and sales and marketing staff, will provide you and your property with some of the finest and most diverse experience in the industry.


Our Strategy

By utilizing time-tested and proven strategies developed through years of service operators, developers and advisors, HMC offers a diverse selection of amenities to asset owners.  Our unique history of success allows us to consistently deliver operational results, revenue maximization and above-industry-average profit flow through our partners, all while maintaining customer guest satisfaction scores.

Above all, the company’s core value and mission is to provide our clients with the finest management expertise the industry has to offer with integrity, honesty and open communication.  In short, we strive to be an extension of the property owner so they can trust their asset is being managed by the best and most experienced team. This is what makes HMC stand apart from our competitors.

When choosing a hospitality management company, HMC should be your first choice due to a well-deserved record of our Honesty, Professionalism, Experience, Innovation, Flexibility, Customer Service and most importantly – Results.